You Name It


You Name It tells of the three foremost wars stories in the world.


John Center, Alan Fatah, Ellen Center, Shelan Ali

Film Festivals - Awards

Best Documentary Feature Film Collected Voices Film Festival - USA 2020

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Marketing - Greece 2020

Treasure Coast International Film Festival - USA 2020

The International TV Broadcasters and Independent Producers Festival SIMFEST - Romania 2020

Moscow Kurdish Film Festival - Russia 2021

You Name It

Documentary Feature Film

86 min / 2019


Director: Hasan Demirtaş

Producer: Hasan Demirtaş

Cinematography: Hasan Demirtaş

Editor: Hasan Demirtaş

Sound: Hasan Demirtaş

Musicians: Şivan Perwer - Layale Chaker

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